Friday, 12 December 2014


sorry have been really busy lately.. didn't get time to update my blog
but you can always visit my instagram, which you can find the most updated news about me

today this post is about the newly launched accessory collection by BTW workshop and Koite Handmade <3
Visala, Tim Tim and I did a collaboration shoot
we didn't plan to have any sort of settings / storyline..
but somehow this awkward night affair mood just appeared in these pics..

so here's a little intro about BTW X KOITE's collection - Connect
Tim and Franco played with contrasting materials and created a series of multifunctional accessories
they are all based in the colours pink and black, creating a sense of elegance yet romance and mystery.

Crown of Love Brooch (

Clips of Memories Necklace

Power of Flowers Necklace


special thanks to 
all photos credits to Mart Yeung

see you all next time 

BTW x Koite is now available at NoveltyLane <3

order online:

Concept Store:
2/F, 104-106 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(Wan Chai MTR Exit A3)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


to those who loves shopping online and those who supports Hong Kong and Taiwan local designer brands, and those who has good taste in fashion, and those that are willing to be exposed to cool fashion...
here Im to introduce you Cross The Line ( )

Cross The Line is a platform for cool people to search for cool stuff!!
it promotes Asian fashion and accessory designer brands, and at the moment most of them are Hong Kong and Taiwanese brands. As all their products are designer brand items, theres always guarantee with quality. 

The whole process from exploring the website, to searching for certain brands/ designers, to picking the item you wanna purchase, to checking out, is super very simple and quick. Im not sure if you feel the same too but i find it really frustrating when some online shopping sites just make you to fill in a bunch of stuff till you can successfully make your order, and by that time the item you wanna get might have already been taken by someone else that can type in all the info shit faster than you by 1 second. 

The white crop top that I'm wearing in these pics is designed by the Taiwanese designer Chun Ting Liu and its super soft and comfy. Many people often misthink that designer brands' stuff are really hard to take care of, but that is not true ! this white crop top from Chun Ting Liu is super easy to clean, it doesn't require to be hand washed and i can even put it into the dryer without damaging it <3

As many of you might have observed, I don often wear stuff that are so clean and sleek, or usually i would put on tones of accessories, yet this time the texture and cutting of the crop top themselves already give it a very interesting look that i didn't needa do much to give it a style.

and here you are, some photos from the latest photoshoot that took place in Blue Mountains :)

some behind the scene pics :) :) :) :)

thats it people :)
remember to check out
and their Facebook page:
see you next time

Sunday, 14 September 2014


aloha people !!
sorry that its been quite a while since i last updated my blog
uni has been killing me lately.. :(
million of projects going on at the same time...
lets hope that all these efforts will give me some good grades 

this post is all about BLACK
i swear 3/4 of my winter clothes are black, and the rest are white and a bit of other dark colours
well actually i wear black in summer too..hmm but i also wear lots of aloha shirts...
so i guess..
winter: 3/4  black
and summer: 2/3 black
haha yea that should be right !!

people often ask me why do i always wear black.. and they usually ask with a "ew you're in black everyday" attitude...
and well, heres an answer to all of you: colours are overrated.
you can only show off your layering skill / taste when you wear one colour but are still able to match everything really nicely. Only one colour but your outfit doesnt look boring at all !
Even thou i do wear bright and loud colours once in a while, i still enjoy wearing black and white the most.

if you have been looking at my instagram, you would have known that i've been quite aggressive/ pissed off lately.. and its because there are too many ignorant people in this world that just love criticising things that they don't even understand...
let me make myself clearer
so, people who have ugly/ ordinary style have been judging people who actually have styles..
and I've been hearing so much from my friends, and of course i also have been experiencing the same thing myself.
i understand everyone has their own style, its your choice to look ugly and give no shits about your outfits/ makeup/ hairstyle, but what makes you think you can criticise people who actually have some taste?
hmm i guess its because you think you have same damn amazing clothes that everyone wears, and you know how to match them in the way that everyone does? hmm interesting..

ANYWAYS here are some pics from the two latest shoots i had
enjoy :)
 outfit list:
- black bandana from Hav.A.Hank
- shades from MI
- earrings from H&M
- Killstar Football Jersey
- black oversized tee
- white shirt
- black tank dress
- long black socks with white stripes
-  creepers from T.U.K.

outfit list:
- bucket hat from MI
- Moon tee from Killstar
- white shirt
- belt harness from Lip Service
- long black socks
- laced up boots from ROC Boots

alight people
remember to check out my instagram to check out my most updated styling pics
like them and leave some comments :)
let me know what you think, i do read all the comments !

see you next time

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Graffitis, second hand clothes and toys, small cafes, weekend markets, gothic shops...
hehhehehee I was so overwhelmed !!! 
but since I had to go to Sleepmakeswaves' album release concert, I had to leave early and so I decided to go again in 2 days hahaha and there were still so many things and places that I wanted to see and visit !! 

so Mart, my photographer, told me that this strawberry + watermelon cheese cake is a must-try in Newtown.. so  even thou i wasn't a fan of watermelon.. i had once slice and hahha it was pretty interesting.. but yea i still prefer it to be without watermelon hahah

Gallery Serpentine !
heheh thats my favourite gothic store in Newtown <3
got a new set of harness, shoulder pads and a pair of leather shorts teehee
am definitely going back for their mesh wear and skirts !!
they open 7 days, close late on Thursday at 8
address: shop 2/112 Enmore Road, Newtown Sydney
facebook: GallerySerpentine

pictures taken at the concert at night :)
these are the supportive bands.. I didn't take too many pictures of Sleepmakeswaves cause i was enjoying the moment YAY haha
videos are on my instagram: juuannie

AND woot woot btw, spot me at Hong Kong TST MTR !!
im not too sure which exit but it's one of those escalators at the exits 
and once again, thanks to those who took pictures of the ad and sent to me :)
I really appreciated that :) 
really wish i can see that ad myself thou ..